Safari: Audio and Video Support

Step-by-step solutions for camera and microphone related issues in Safari.

Enable Camera, Microphone, or Screen Sharing

Safari Support 2

  1. Log into your ARC account on Safari. 
  2. Select Safari in the browser menu bar at the top of your screen, then click on Preferences, or simply press Command-Comma (⌘,)
  3. Click on the "Websites" tab.
  4. Select either "Camera," "Microphone," or "Screen Sharing" in the left side tab. 
  5. Under Currently Open Websites, make sure "" is set to "Ask" or "Allow." 

    If you denied access to your camera/microphone during a call:

    1. During the call, refresh your page.
    2. You may be prompted with, "Allow to use your camera and microphone?" If so, select "Allow."
    3. If problems persist, please follow the steps above to enable your camera and microphone in Safari preferences.