Echoing During a Call

Speaker volume too loud:

The most common culprit of a video conference echo is having your speakers turned up too high. In many cases, the microphone and speaker may be too close together. The microphone picks up the audio from the speakers and creates a slight delay (or echo).

To avoid this, we recommend lowering the volume on your speakers, or consider using headphones to eliminate echoing during a call. 

Ask members to mute themselves:

As more members join a meeting, the more complicated it may become to eliminate an echo. A quick solution is to ask everyone who cannot hear the echo to mute themselves when they are not speaking.

Tips to help identify where the echo is coming from: 

  • If you cannot hear an echo but others can, your device is most likely creating the echo.
  • The speaker panel located at the top of the screen can also help you identify which member's device is causing the echo.